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Manage your Corporate Lists

Keep your organization’s Contact Lists up to date and distributed to everyone who needs them. Import lists from Excel or synchronise from a Public Folder.

Sync only the Contacts you need

Copy and synchronize a filtered version to your personal contacts folder so you only get the contacts you need. Optionally allow updates from personal folders so that everyone can keep the list up to date.

Up to date info on your Mobile

Get filtered, relevant, up to date Corporate information on your phone. Add and update contact information on your phone which updates the master list.

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Contacts and Calendar

Designed to work with either Contact cards, or calendar appointments, including distribution lists and recurring appointments.

Filter on Categories

Use categories to filter only the items you need.

One or Two way Sync

‘Read-Only’ One way sync; or
‘Auto Update’ Two way sync.

Tag Appointment Subjects

Optionally tag the subjects of appointments with the owners name so you can use them in shared calendars. It will also add the tag as a category which can be used for filtering.

Designed for Office 365

Integrates directly with Office 365.

Works with Hosted and In-house MS Exchange

Integrates with hosted Exchange and in-house Exchange systems. (Exchange 2007SP1 upwards. Requires Exchange Web Services to be enabled)

Corporate Sync

Corporate Sync is an on-line tool to help you keep your corporate Contacts and Calendars synchronized with your Outlook folders. Designed for Office 365 and Hosted Exchange as well as in-house Exchange, it will ensure your Outlook contacts and appointments stay synchronized. If you use ActiveSync to keep your personal Outlook folder synchronized with your mobile phones and tablets, you can have filtered, relevant, up to date corporate information on the devices you really use.

How it Works

Create an account on the Corporate Sync web site. Synchronize your contacts into a Corporate Sync folder. Synchronize any other mailbox or folder with your Corporate Sync folder. It runs automatically from our secure servers. There is nothing to install on your PC or server.

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